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Buyer Purchases Other Products? You STILL GET 50%!

Our success depends on YOUR success...In other words, we NEED you to be successful!
So we give you lots of support and opportunities to make additional profits with our products!

We have just introduced a brand new high quality course called, “Your Printable Profits Empire!
that sells like wildfire for $27 – This quality course shows people how to earn and grow consistent
profits by capitalizing on a NEW & growing trend - Selling printable coloring pages for adults on Etsy!

The adult coloring hobby has exploded in recent years and is still growing! Many online book sites
such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more (as well as many independent book publishers) have
experienced off the chart sales and tremendous profits coming from the adult coloring books niche!


ETSY Merchants can now use FREE online software and FREE online resources to create or source
top quality “instantly downloadable” coloring pages that sell like hotcakes on ETSY at 100% profit!
AND SINCE THE PAGES ARE DOWNLOADABLE, there's NO SHIPPING NEEDED (which greatly simplifies implementing this profit maker!).

This course shows people, from Newbie to Expert, how to easily and successfully set up and sell
coloring pages for adults on ETSY!

THIS IS A GREAT 'autopilot' ONLINE BUSINESS that appeals to a wide audience because it does NOT require a website to make great money!

We have designed this course to be in depth, yet easy to follow so that both complete beginners and experienced Etsy sellers can benefit.

We have also designed a high converting sales funnel that gives you...

  • 50% of the $27 front end sale PLUS
  • 50% of a valuable $17 upsell PLUS
  • 50% of a second valuable $17 upsell - and there's more!
  • EACH product has a corresponding downsell as well that pays 50%
  • On ALL “DOWNSELLS” we offer the option of buying the higher priced original offer after all! This gives buyers in the funnel a “second chance to buy” at the higher price point which increases your conversions and your profit per sale!


  • The affiliate service we use offers LIFETIME COOKIES which means even if your prospect buys at ANYTIME IN THE FUTURE, you STILL GET PAID!
  • The LIFETIME COOKIES are also GLOBAL which means even if your buyer purchases a DIFFERENT product (from us) than the one you are promoting, you STILL GET PAID!

PLUS, in the future, we will be creating additional products each paying 50% commission that we will notify you of as they come out.


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Our marketing strategy works because we build strong relationships with buyers by delivering additional free advice, hints, tips and updates over several weeks. This virtually eliminates refunds as this approach delivers far more value, reassurance and support for your customers.

As a result the total potential commissions per prospect is much higher than with other products in this
price range which means HIGHER earnings for YOU!

This product is a step by step in depth yet easy to follow course (with high value bonuses) that shows
people how they can start and grow a profitable “automated” ETSY PRINTABLES business that cashes in on the now popular and hugely growing coloring page enthusiasts market. This is a TRUE business people can take pride in! Everything is covered from how to source and/or create high quality coloring pages FREE (no need to draw anything...ever!) to how to market the products successfully.

The sales page has been professionally written for maximum conversions - You can see the sales page here.


How and when do I get paid?

All new affiliates will be paid direct to their PayPal account 30 days after the sale to allow for any possible refund requests.

Established affiliates will receive instant commissions on all sales directly to their PayPal accounts.

Either way, it's money in the bank for YOU.

How do I promote?

Just follow the instructions below and earn CASH for every buyer you introduce!

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to contact me at: or Skype: stuart_turnbull


Making money with Your Printable Profits Empire is very easy.

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  • Making Money Online Doesn't Have To Be Complicated! Here's A Fun Business You Can Start NOW!
  • Want A Unique, Fun & HONEST Online Business Your Friends Will Be Jealous Of?
  • A ZERO inventory business that makes you money while you sleep?

eMail Copy 1: 

Do you remember the “good old days” when you could make great profits and build your email list selling digital products on eBay?

Yes, so do I!

Unfortunately eBay moved the goal posts and this lucrative income stream dried up.

Today, I can announce - the good old days are back!

Etsy is a marketplace that makes it easy for you to build a profitable business selling digital products.

Most people are familiar with Etsy as a rapidly growing marketplace (31 million unique monthly visitors as at Sept. '17) that showcases the handmade creations of a legion of sellers based all over the world - but handmade crafts aren’t the only things you can sell on Etsy………..No, Etsy also allows the sale of digital products (think - downloadable worksheets, craft patterns, printable art, ebooks, party invitations etc. etc. as opposed to physical items that you ship to your buyer).

The great thing about selling digital products on Etsy is you create once and profit over and over while Etsy handles all of the product hosting and delivery for you!

If you want a business that……   

-You can be proud of

-Requires NO website

-Makes you automated income literally while you SLEEP!!

-Will leave your friends in AWE!

-Has ZERO inventory to carry

-Has ZERO shipping costs! (IN FACT you NEVER ship ANYTHING!!)

-Has ZERO product costs (you can get everything you need for FREE!)

-Has ZERO fulfillment (this is automated - you don’t even need to email your customers!)

-Needs NO list and NO technical skills

-Is a complete “set and forget”, “autopilot profits” generating system!!!

-Has a “built in” method for automatically generating REPEAT SALES!! (again WITHOUT you ever having to email your customer!!)

You NEED to check this out NOW…………..


Stuart Turnbull has partnered with Bart Hennin to create an ebook and video course that teaches in an easy to follow, step by step way exactly how to build your own, highly profitable business selling digital products on Etsy!

I urge you to move fast and grab this now before the special launch pricing expires;


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When I saw this lucrative and unique money making blueprint, I was astounded! It blew me away at how profitable and simple it is!

Imagine having a “consumable” product (you can get for FREE) that people crave and will pay you good money for, again and again and again where you...

-Never ship anything

-Need NO website

-Need NO list

-Need NO tech skills

-Have immediate access to hungry buyers 

-And once set up, everything is automated!

-Will leave your friends in awe 

Well imagine no more because Marketing experts Stuart Turnbull & Bart Hennin have made this business model a reality...And they're spilling the beans and revealing all! 

Go here for complete info [AFFILIATE LINK] 

Here's the scoop... 

A while back, Stuart and Bart observed something powerful...That people were (and are!) spending big money on PRINTABLES... You know... digital files of line drawings or designs (created using FREE software) that your customer simply downloads and prints out at home.... 

As you may be aware, this market is exploding and has become a highly profitable niche! 

Stuart and Bart reveal a number of FREE online tools you can use to generate your printables easily but they don't stop there... Far from it! They also show you... 

-How to create a specific TYPE of CONSUMABLE printable people are going CRAZY for, where the market has exploded and is still growing!

-How to get your printables automatically seen by buyers

-How to virtually “automate” everything so it's “set & forget” (HINT: They use ETSY as their selling platform and they show you step by step how to do the same!)

-How to get started making money as fast as possible!

-And much more! 

To find out the EXACT kind of printables Stuart & Bart have discovered to be so profitable, check out this page NOW [AFFILIATE LINK]. (I'm not sure how long the page will be up).

PS - This idea is, in fact, the nearest thing I have come across yet to a fully automated business - once you have created your range of printables, using the free software, the selling platform (Etsy) takes care of everything else!

 Get your complete blueprint here [AFFILIATE LINK] 

eMail Copy 3: 

I wanted to get this to you real quick because it's still on an early bird special (if you hurry)...

If you've been looking for a simple, fun, and very unique profitable home based online business that is both newbie friendly and highly profitable (and will leave your friends in awe), you should check out this latest new release by marketing experts Stuart Turnbull and Bart Hennin.

It's titled “Your Printable Profits Empire!”... [AFFILIATE LINK] and it's getting rave reviews!

In this unique multi-media course, Stuart and Bart show you how to capitalize on a growing trend...People are paying top dollar for specific kinds of PRINTABLES on ETSY! 

These PRINTABLES are... 

-Simple to create using FREE online software (you never need to draw anything ever!)

-CONSUMABLE so people buy them again and again and again

-DIGITAL so you have ZERO inventory to keep and NEVER ship anything

-HOSTED FREE on Etsy's servers so you DON'T NEED a blog or website

-In a niche that is exploding!


In “Your Printable Profits Empire!”, Stuart and Bart take you step by step through this simple business model in such a way that ANYONE can make money!

BEST OF ALL, Stuart and Bart show you how to virtually automate everything so once set up, everything is on 'autopilot'! All you have to do is figure out how to spend the extra cash that keep showing up in your bank account!

Get the full scoop here [AFFILIATE LINK]. (before the early bird special ends!).

PS – This course way over delivers in VALUE and has some awesome bonuses too. PLUS, Stuart and Bart offer their patented 30 Day FULL REFUND Guarantee so you can take a look at everything RISK FREE (and trust me, you won't need the guarantee... you'll be thrilled with what you get in this course!)

Don't kick yourself later because you missed this! [AFFILIATE LINK]

Follow Up eMail:

I wrote to you a few days ago about a unique online business that literally makes you money while you sleep!


Stuart Turnbull’s latest ebook and video course teaches you, in an easy to follow step by step way, exactly how to profit from digital products that you create once and sell over and over.

Stuart leaves no stone unturned. His latest release is a great antidote to the “make easy money online” BS that is everywhere these days. It is totally newbie friendly, has some awesome included bonuses and is FULLY guaranteed.

I urge you to check it out NOW before the special launch pricing expires!


Blog Post:

I’ve just finished reviewing Stuart Turnbull’s latest ebook and video course “Your Printable Profits Empire” and I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you!

This course is all about selling printables online - “what is a printable?” I hear you ask!

A printable is a piece of art that you create on your computer and sell as a digital file - your customer simply downloads it and prints it at home.

The unique thing about selling printables is that you create your product once and profit from it many times (an unlimited number of times!!)

You never ship anything to your customers and, best of all, you don't even need a website! This idea is, in fact, the nearest thing I have come across yet to a fully automated business - once you have created your range of printables the selling platform (Stuart uses Etsy) takes care of everything else - that said please don’t think that you can set this business up with no work - of course there is work involved - if you want to sell a lot of printables you will need to create a good range of designs and this will take a fair amount of work.

If you are thinking that this idea is of no interest to you because you aren’t arty - then think again - Stuart has put together a package of top quality videos that teach ANYBODY how to create extremely salable art using FREE online tools without the need for any artistic talent whatsoever!

Stuart’s course also walks you through the finer points of setting up your Etsy shop, listing your printables and driving traffic to them.

The course is chock full of examples of successful Etsy shops that are absolutely killing it with this business model!

Oh! And did I mention the BONUSES - there are several well written bonus ebooks that add real value to this course (NOT your usual rehashed private label rights rubbish thrown in simply to pad out the package).

The whole package is worth way more than the asking price and is topped off by a 30 day refund guarantee if you are disappointed - I’ll be amazed if anyone actually takes Stuart up on this because this package is GOLD!

To sum up, “Your Printable Profits Empire” gets my full and enthusiastic endorsement - this is a REAL business that ANYONE can set up and make great, ongoing profits!


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